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We help Senior IT Executives (CIOs, CTOs & CISOs) connect with peers and trusted technology partners through exciting, invite-only events where you can develop genuine relationships of trust. These Events include Senior IT Executives from the largest Fortune 500 companies across the US in 22+ cities.

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The story
of us

C10 is the gateway
to strategic executive
relationship building.

C10 was conceived on a late night flight in 2010. The founder, Christopher Hemming, on his way to meet his four children, sat next to Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines, and had a conversation he would never forget. Doug shared with Chris that a leader’s success depends on the diversity and quality of their relationships, yet most people do not invest enough time building and nurturing the key personal business and strategic relationships needed to truly be successful. Upon landing, the idea of C10 took flight. As their plane pulled into Gate C10 he was inspired to build the gateway that connects CIOs across the country. That has now grown into 22 cities across the US connecting over 5,000 IT Leaders a year. Let our team help you connect with peers and trusted partners nationally.

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We are a strategic partner for trusted technology companies, delivering complete and customized support to help them access their best prospects via developing personal relationships with them. We believe in people first; products second. We enable IT organizations to access CIOs and nurture lasting relationships with them, so they can provide the solutions CIOs need to grow and streamline their operations.


We make networking and executive relationship-building accessible and enjoyable. CIOs are pitched all the time by technology organizations seeking to foist their products onto them. We transform this typically tedious, unproductive and business-focused pursuit into a relationship-centered opportunity that actually works. IT representatives benefit from the opportunity to connect with CIOs on a deeper level through carefully planned, exciting events.



There’s no sales pitch – ever. Our events are all about real relationships, good times with family, and making IT work better for all of us. Other networking brands are pitch-focused and take advantage of executives. At C10, the focus is firmly on the people, as genuine relationships are key to the sale. Additionally, C10 is unique in both its family element and by servicing the IT sector exclusively; the ‘1’ and ‘0’ in C10 correspond with the binary numeral system used in digital electronics.

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The power
of legacy

Executive relationship building begins with getting to know the person behind the title. C10 events are a departure from the status quo networking groups you’re used to attending. We’re focused on connecting on a deeper level. We’re featuring our Spotlight Thought Leaders in this intimate look at the meaning of LEGACY both personally and professionally.

"Always love the 'Community First' style format C10 creates"

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Relationships matter. It’s time to invest in yours.  Connect with us. We’ll connect you.



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